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Last Will and Testament — Trust Litigation Attorneys in Austin, MN
There are various documents every person should have to protect themselves and their family in the event something unexpected happens. We always recommend that everyone have a Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Directive (also referred to as a Living Will). Each of these documents serves a unique purpose. Most people understand the purpose of a Will: to dictate how your estate assets should be disbursed upon your death. A power of attorney identifies one or more persons who may act on your behalf if you are unavailable or incapacitated for items related to financials, including paying bills or buying and selling property. A health care directive has a similar function as a power of attorney, but for items related to your health and welfare such as what action to take if you are in a permanent vegetative state or if and when you should go to a nursing home should you be unable to make those decisions yourself. Without these documents, it is often times necessary to seek court approval before taking any action. The court approval process is not only expensive, but time consuming. We can also assist you with the development of various trusts, guardianship and conservatorship actions, estate tax clearance issues, actions challenging a Will, and much more.


After the death of an individual, their estate may be required to go through Probate. This is the legal process of safeguarding assets of the estate, paying creditors, making tax filings, taking care of the family, and distributing assets to the rightful recipients. The attorneys at Adams, Rizzi & Sween, P.A., serve as legal advisors to the personal representatives in Mower County as well as other counties in the State of Minnesota. Our lawyers work with the personal representatives from start to finish, including collecting and managing the decedent's assets, selling assets, preparing the necessary estate tax returns, handling creditor claims, distribution of assets and closure of the probate process with the Court. No matter how large or how small the decedent's estate our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of Minnesota Probate Law.