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Business contract signing — Trust Litigation Attorneys in Austin, MN
If you need to form a company such as a non-profit, partnership, LLC, S-corp, corporation, or cooperative, let us walk you through the process to ensure it gets done correctly. Forming a company can be a great way to shield your personal assets from creditors and protect you and your family from liability in the unfortunate event something goes wrong. We will walk you through the process of organizing the company, preparing the Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization, By-Laws, Minutes, stock issuance, and notice of incorporation. We can also assist your company with advice, consultations, conveyances, banking, and credit issues related to your business, among many other services we can provide related to general business affairs.


A contract that is not properly drafted and that does not include the requisite language to cover all situations can lead to a big mess down the road. It is important to establish such things as what constitutes a breach, proper remedies for a breach, the amount of time in which to seek a remedy, jurisdiction for the claim, attorney fees, and timelines; just to name a few. The contract could range from a purchase agreement to a severance package; from a release of claims to a landlord-tenant agreement. Call us to discuss all the options.